Ray Gastil is Director, Remaking Cities Institute, at Carnegie Mellon University, at the School of Architecture. He recently completed his tenure as Director of City Planning for the City of Pittsburgh. His work remains committed to the goals articulated by Gastilworks Planning & Design: to harness opportunities today that will shape how we live in cities, communities, and regions tomorrow. By identifying and articulating approaches that are both innovative and feasible, from strategic planning to detailed design guidelines, GP&D approaches a range of projects through practice and research, including urban waterfront revitalization, transit-oriented communities, campus and city planning and development, and public spaces. Experience includes programming, team selection, design competitions, and planning and design frameworks and process to meet the goals of design excellence, engagement, and client needs.


Ray Gastil has worked in urban design, planning, architecture, and non-profit and government leadership. Prior to his work as a city planning director Pittsburgh,  Seattle, and New York City, he led Van Alen Institute, an architecture and planning center, as well as the transit-oriented design program of Regional Plan Association. Engaged in research, education, and practice, he is active as speaker, author, and analyst for professional and public forums on the role of planning and design in shaping the future. Expertise includes housing, sustainable cities, interconnected planning and design issues of campus urbanism on connecting knowledge and cities, urban waterfronts, urban design and cultural vibrancy, and city and regional planning.