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Ray Gastil consults on Strategic Design Guide for improving regional highway corridors.

Ray Gastil, working with Civic Design and Planning LLC, Michael Baker International, and the Quaker Valley Council of Governments, contributed to the charrettes, study and report on “Redefining Regional Highways Corridors: Strategic Design Guide: Opportunities for Design, Transportation, Economic Development, and Governance,” with COG and PennDOT support. How can a safer, greener, and more thriving corridor be developed, from the historic Ohio River Boulevard, that better connects to communities and creates more opportunities. IMG_0764

“Adaptive Preservation” article by Ray Gastil on two iconic Pittsburgh structures

Ray Gastil writes on the Adaptive Preservation of two iconic Pittsburgh structures, a 1920s distribution building, the Produce Terminal in the Strip District, and the 1940s steel plant building, Mill 19, in Hazelwood Green in Hazelwood, discussing the process of adapting historic structures as part of contemporary programs in the context of the public realm. In Preservation Education and Research (PER) 2021.IMG_9403 IMG_1467


Downtowns: Adaptive Reuse Project of the 2020s

Remaking Cities Institute Director Ray Gastil Speaks “Downtowns: Adaptive Reuse Project of the 2020s in the “Covid-19: One Year Later” Series, Portland Society of Architects, March 5, 2021. The talk focuses on how downtowns are an adaptive reuse challenge that goes beyond individual buildings to the plazas, parks, and public spaces, indoors and out. The use and form of these spaces and their interconnections with the buildings that surround them are part and parcel of this reuse project. Accelerated trends, and new ones, are changing the role of central business districts, as neighborhoods, business centers, and places of equitable opportunity.